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Customized gift USB flash drives with brand

Now the people demand more and more personalized, demand for products also more and more diversified, and U disk so that a product can provide personalization service, good product, to meet the diverse needs of product appearance.
As a gift is a very good product.Voeusb provide professional gifts U disk custom service, hope to establish long-term cooperative relationship.

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Custom PVC & Silica USB flash drive shape

PVC material that can be customized different shapes of usb flash drive, also can match different color, made U disk more colorful, can use PVC material to cartoon characters created lifelike, short time of making mould is cheap, 3 days can sample, the unit price is very cheap, do big goods time as long as 7 days or so, need to customize the U disk with PVC material is a good choice.

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Smart phone USB disk supply Android and iPhone iso

Now use smart phones, the more due to the limited capacity of the mobile phone, can not meet the normal life and work of storage capacity, increase a storage device on the mobile phone has been a persistent problem, due to technical innovation finally solve the problem, easy to carry good compatibility, read and write speed and fashionable appearance design, smart phone usb became the darling of a new generation of electronic products.

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The advantages of swivel usb dirve.

Most USB drives have two components, they are USB drive mainboard and protective cap. The protective cap is easily lost in the daily using.The protective cap on swivel USB drive is connected with the mainboard, it solved the problem of losing protective cap in the daily using, also it made swivel USB drives has two flat surface,clients can make more kinds logos on the surface, its supports print and laser logo.

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Cartoon usb drives in stock

VOEUSB here we can provide the best balance of cartoon usb appearance spot inventory, we can deliver goods within 1-3 workdays, choose your interested very lovely cartoon usb flash drive, in the following form to submit your demand details, please contact us as soon as possible, we also provide the cartoon usb custom service, please refer to here.

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Custom PVC shape

The plasticity of the PVC material can be made from PVC material all shapes of U disk, in hundreds of U dish in painting a rainbow, let U disk is not only a U disk or a cute crafts, even as the kid’s toy (more than 6 years old)

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Metal usb flash dirves

Metal U disk is not only the visual effect of specular reflection, and the weight of the heavy in his hand, let a little U disk immediately with texture, metal are very keen on a kind of decorative material.

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