Voeusb professional USB flash disk production supplier, devoting to USB OEM production. We have skilled technicians,
precise USB design and open molding technology. We undertake ODM and OEM orders. In the fields of USB gift, adver
tisement and functional software application, our company has a wealth of production experience.

Service Items:
USB OEM, USB processing, USB ODM, USB design and USB model customization.

Plant Capacity:
Production capacity of more than 30,000 per day. We are excellent USB production manufacturers with good productivity. We have ability to deal with all kinds of orders. You are welcomed to visit our factory!
Technical Team:
Our company is committed to the technology research, development, production and sales of mobile storage products. We have a strong engineering and technical strength, centralizing a group of professional and creative product-design and development teams on electronic technology. We are the best partners for major companies’ promotional gift, but also the best choice for foreign trade companies.

Quality Control:
We have three checks to strictly control the quality:
1. Full-inspection for all incoming materials
2. Full-inspection for semi-finished products
3. Full-inspection after the assembly, and then packaged shipping
All of our products are in line with CE, FCC, RoHS and other standards.
After-sales service:
5-year warranty for chip USB and 1-year warranty for black colloid USB.

Value-added services:
1. Document preload of deleted-duplicated, undeleted-unduplicated texts and automatically play the file.
2. Customer identification on the drive letter and other value-added services.
3. Computer lock and encrypted partition
4. User identification and other value-added functions.
5. Installing software programs into USB

Function Customization

1:Customize case color based on color chart
<1>Color Spray
Suitable for ABS plastic case
Mix color paint in case factory based on color chart number
Can re-spray when order 500 pieces or more
<2>Injection Color
Suitable for ABS plastic case
Inject the liquified color paint into mold till unmolding
Only apply when order 1000 pieces or more

2:Added-value Service
Nowadays, companies and organizations prefer to use USB flash Drive for gifting and marketing promotion purpose. Apart from its usability and means of communication that company, unit, organization logos can be printed on it, it has many other unique added-values that other gifts don’t have, including:
<1>Pre-loaded files saved in USB Drive
We pre-load any file, including product presentation, product catalog, company profile, briefing document, meeting minutes etc. All these files can be deleted by the recipients of this USB Drive.

<2>Pre-load undeletable file
We can pre-load any file which can’t be deleted, including company brochures, product marketing materials. The users of the USB Drive can’t delete these files, which can make a great effort on marketing for the company.

Even if there is undeletable file in the USB Drive, users still can choose to ignore it. Once Auto-play is applied, user is unable to ignore these pre-loaded files.
Every time the USB Drive connects to the computer, the system will automatically play or open these files. We can also customize if you demand to automatically open your or your client’s website.

3:Customized Options
Can’t find what you are looking for on our website? We can customize and create customized molding for any fresh drive that you can image of. The customization tool we provide enables you to design and manufacture fresh drives or other USB products freely with any material combination (Plastic, PVC, wood, leather, etc.,) and any shape you can think of. We can develop it into a customization project based on your requirement. Today, start to contact our sales representative!

Additional services we provide:
1:Computer Security Lock
Using the software we provide, you can prevent your computer from being used by an unauthorized person. When you leave from your computer, simply unplug your USB Drive so that other people will be unable to use your computer and you don’t need to worry about leaving your computer again.

2:Encrypted Partition
This function allows users to create an encrypted partition to protect all the personal confidential files saved in this partition with a password. Therefore, you will not be worried if you lose your USB Drive. The rest unencrypted partition can be accessed by other users just as normal.

3:Personal Identification
Through the build-in unique serial number, this USB Drive can be used as a personal credential to access authorized area, recognize membership, or any area which identification need to be verified.

4:Invisible Personal Data Vault
With our software, users can save their information in an invisible personal data vault on the USB Drive. Other users are unable to see this invisible section and have no access to it. Only when the correct password is provided can the users access this invisible section and open files. This function provides higher-level security to protect users' private data.

Customized Molding

If drawing or sample is provided by clients, we will design and provide the 3D rendering and structural drawing to clients for approval. Then we start to mold and design the PCB board. Once clients confirm the sample, we start to produce the order.

If clients only have a conceptual idea, we will draw a simple 2D design to clients as reference (free service). Then, we design and provide the 3D rendering and structural drawing to client for approval. The next step will be molding and preparing the PCB board. Once the sample is approved by clients, we start to produce the order.

1:PVC Molding
The leading time of creating soft PVC or silicon mold is about 3 days (Namely, it takes 3 days for client to receive the sample). The cost of molding is 300 CNY. Client can reimburse the molding cost when order is over 2000 pieces. The logo can be part of the product and be created during the molding process, which can be either flat or 3D, or be screen printed when products are produced. Pros: faster molding time, small minimum order quantity (200 pieces) and more color choices. Cons: higher unit price of the case.

2:ABS Plastic Molding
The leading time of ABS plastic molding is about 12-30 days (depending on the complexity of the case). The cost of molding is 8000-18000 CNY (depending on the complexity of the case). We use screen printing for the logo.
Pros: lower unit price for mass production. Cons: long molding leading time.

3:Metal Molding
The leading time of metal molding is about 12-30 days (depending on the complexity of the case). The cost of molding is 5000-12000 CNY (depending on the complexity of the case). We use screen printing for the logo.
Pros: lower unit price for mass production. Cons: long molding leading time; higher unit price of the case.

4:Wood Molding
The leading time of wood molding is about 5-10 days (depending on the complexity of the case). The cost of molding is 600-1500 CNY (depending on the complexity of the case). We can use screen printing, color printing, engraving for the logo.
Pros: low molding cost; short molding leading time.

Molding Order Procedure:
1:Clients provide original photo and sample; We provide rendering drawing based on the original photo (If sample provided, we copy it); We create molding and sample; 2:Clients confirm the sample; We produce the order.
3:We can create a 100% customized USB Drive design. The only limitation is your imagination.
4:Please provide us anything, from a scratch to a fully designed 3D model. Just describe your idea to us.
5:The digital model we create looks like a realistic 3D rendering, which is clear and bright.
6:We can use any material, from plastic, metal, rubble, wood, etc.; No problem for any material.

Methods of logo customization on USB Drives

As a high-tech business gift, the advertising effect of the USB Drive has been widely recognized by many company leaders. The methods of logo customization depend on the type and material of the products. To better expose your company logo and image, here are several common methods to customize your company logo on the USB Drive!

Method 1: Screen Printing
This is the most commonly used method in logo customization on USB Drive. It is suable for the surface of metals, plastics, leathers, bamboos, etc. as long as the surface is flat. (Screen printing cannot be applied to curled or sphered surface). It’s simple to produce. The maximum color for screen printing is 4. Too many color will cause misregistration of colors. Screen printing cannot generate any gradient effect.

Method 2: Offset Printing
It is commonly used on card style USB Drives (It can be also applied to flat surface of metal or plastic). The color of the surface has to be very light. Offset printing cannot be applied to dark-color surfaces. (Same as screen printing, offset printing cannot be applied to curled or sphered surface). There is no limitation of how many colors in the logo for offset printing and gradient effect can be printed properly.

Method 3: Pad Printing
Pad printing is for curled surface. It is better to have few colors and no gradient effect.

Method 4: Roll Printing
Roll printing is for sphered surface.

Method 5: Laser
Laser is commonly applied on metal cases. Sometimes, laser can also be applied on woods, bamboos and plastics (Wearier and more burr—the edge could be not perfect). Laser will not generate any color, and only the color of the base material reveals.

Method 6: Emboss
Emboss can only be applied to leather.

Method 7 Stamp Gold/Silver Foil
Commonly seen on packaging. It can be applied on USB Drives cases of leather. It is rarely seen on other materials.

Method 8: Epoxy
The logo will be made on a piece of epoxy and paste onto the USB Drive. It is charged by the number of colors. If there is no other method suitable for your logo, epoxy can be applied as long as there is space for this piece of epoxy.

Method 9: Sticker
It is similar with Epoxy but cheaper than it. But it doesn’t look good.

Customer Service Product Warranty

Warranty Period
Chip products: 5 years; Black rubble products:1 year.

Warranty condition
1.Unconditional warranty for all products we produce.
2.For products covered by the warranty period, the standard of a repaired product is as same as newly produced products.
3.When the warranty period is over, we can provide free repairing service. Clients only bear the cost of the spare parts if any.
4.Clients bear the postage cost for repairing. (except for special agreements)
5.We can also repair products from other manufactories. (Limited to partnership clients only)
6.We will dispatch the repaired product within 3 days after we receive it.
7.If the product is unrepairable and under warranty cover, we will replace it with a new product.

Extra Charge
1.Product from other manufactories
2.Spare parts are required for repairing beyond the warranty cover
3.Cases need to be replaced

Other Important Matters
1.Please contact us after you send us the products that need to be repaired
2.Please backup the information sorted on your product. We bear no responsibility for any data loss
3.If the product is unrepairable and under warranty cover, we will replace it with new product of equal value.